GDProofs      - Professional Copy Editing and Proofreading Services
. . . because what you write has to be right . . . 

When you write something, whether it’s to sell your products, market your ideas, or just because you love to write, even one simple mistake can ruin all your efforts.
Your authority and credibility are on the line (literally!) when you write. And you want proven results from your writing: getting your book published, your article sold, or your product promoted to lots of customers.
After all, your writing represents you, and you want to be the best you can be!
That’s where GDProofs can help.
GDProofs excels at providing outstanding copy editing and proofreading services at affordable rates. We’ll work with you in an easy and collaborative way to review your work to catch errors, untangle muddled syntax, suggest improvements, and simply ensure that what you write is what you mean to convey, in an elegant and correct style.

With many years of experience and a passion for detail, GDProofs will work with you to maintain the style, tone, flow, voice, and overall integrity of your editorial content, while streamlining and correcting your work. High levels of accuracy in spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and consistency are our hallmarks, and we have the flexibility to work to your deadlines. 

And our rates are reasonable, so it won’t cost you a lot of money to present your best work to the world!
For more information on our services and rates, please send us a message on the Contact Us page of this website.
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